Examples of Overdosed Drugs

Research indicates that patients that receive these cancer drugs are being overdosed.

DrugCurrent DosageRecommended Dosage
Ibrutinib420 mg140 mg
Erlotinib150 mg25-100 mg
Dasatinib100 mg50 mg
Pembrolizumab200 mg2 mg/kg
Abiraterone1,000 mg fasting250 mg with food
Lapatinib1,250 mg fasting500 mg with food
Pazopanib800 mg fasting400-600 mg with food
Nivolumab Every 2-4 weeksEvery 8-12 weeks
Atezolizumab Every 2-4 weeksEvery 8-12 weeks
Pembrolizumab Every 3-6 weeksEvery 8-12 weeks

Adapted from Serritella et al. (2020)